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27.12 HeartBlanch: Rock Thursday в SITY PAB [19 Dec 2012|09:37pm]



Ты сходил на рок концерт в этом году? Мы идем чтобы играть и петь для тебя!

Мы будем не одни, так что и ты приходи с друзьями :)

СІТІ Паб, Проспект Перемоги, 47 (поряд з м.Шулявська)
Початок о 19:00
Вхід: 30грн


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You vs mE [23 May 2009|06:53pm]
Hey everyone!

Check out this awesome band from Toronto.

"You vs mE are heading back to the studio! Under the umbrella of RLF Victor productions, guided by the wisdom of legendary producer Bob Gallo (James Brown, The Rascalz), and with the help of one of the greatest engineers of all time, George Seara (Rihanna, Finger Eleven), the boys of You vs Me are heading back to the state of the art Phase One Studios in Toronto. High expectations are beginning to build for this band, and in effort of joining the ranks of their recording compatriots, You vs mE have continued to grow with the “Epic Indie” genre. “Epic Indie is a way of life for us… it’s about taking things that seem simple at the root of it all, but convey complexity and combining them with things that seem complex and larger than life, but are really quite simple at the root of it” describes Mykle , one half of the front of You vs mE. He is quickly, though understandably, translated by Chris P who makes it clearer that for them, it is about embracing all things and accepting everything in moderation. Applying this to You vs mE, we now understand that Mykle and Chris P come from very different musical backgrounds, yet work harmoniously to blend memorable melodies with big and dynamic sound based on lyrics concerning life, socio-political matters, love, and all things in between. The You vs mE line-up is rounded out by Rexx (drums) and Roddo (Bass, backing vox), who’ve been playing music together since they were 15, so realizing how alike they all were, the natural fit has led to a a hit-factory 4-some poised to dominate the world music scene. In addition to being humbly intellectual, You vs mE are ambitious, looking to tour shortly in support of their Debut EP "The Borrowed"."

Add: http://www.myspace.com/youvsmeband
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Desolation Row video now on iTunes! [30 Jan 2009|02:56pm]

Just a friendly reminder that MCR's video for Desolation Row is now available for download on iTunes.  Snyder's direction is superb!


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The Machines -- Kickin' Ass this Fall [29 Aug 2006|06:54pm]

Okay, I want to know if there are any Secret Machines fans here. I have been listening to them for a while now and I'm just continually amazed by them. I saw them in NY at the Hiro Ballroom in April. They were on a circular stage (or what they call "in the round") surrounded by the audience. It was unique- it felt like I was watching some of my friends play music (except awesome). And the crowd seemed friendlier than usual too. If I had to list the best modern bands these guys would have to be in the top ten.

If there are any fans out there, then you've got to see them this fall, they are playing nothing but 'in the round' shows. I'm seeing them when they come to New York.

If you don't know their music then you should definitely check them out. They have some songs up on Myspace.

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The Raconteurs Tour and Ticket Presale [05 Jun 2006|02:08pm]
Anyone else here fans of the Raconteurs, Jack White from the White Stripes' new band w/ Brendan Benson and some of the Greenhornes folks?

These guys are really incredible - you can check them out at their My Space: http://www.myspace.com/raconteurs

Anyway, I'm on the mailing list for the band, and they just announced a bunch of new tourdates and a presale. Just in case there are some Raconteurs fans out there who haven't heard, I want to give everyone a heads up.

Starting today (Monday, June 5th) and tomorrow (Tuesday, June 6th) at noon, you can buy tickets with cheaper service fees to any of these shows:

7/22 San Francisco - Warfield Theater - Presale starts Monday, June 5th at noon Pacific
9/19 Atlanta - Tabernacle - Presale starts Tuesday, June 6th at noon Eastern
9/20 Orlando - Hard Rock Cafe - Presale starts Tuesday, June 6th at noon Eastern
9/22 Norfolk - NorVa - Presale starts Tuesday, June 6th at noon Eastern
9/26 New York City - Roseland Ballroom - Presale starts Monday, June 5th at noon Eastern
9/28 Providence - Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel - Presale starts Tuesday, June 6th at noon Eastern
9/30 Montreal - Metropolis - Presale starts Tuesday, June 6th at noon Eastern

Click Here for Access to the Raconteurs Presale

Once you get to the Raconteurs presale website, click on the little "Login" link above the tour date listing and enter the following password for access to presale tickets: brokenboy

After selecting the show that you want to buy tickets to, you have to register an account with the presale. The account is totally FREE - once you get to the screen that says "CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT", click on the "Continue" button, create a username and user password (NOTE: user password is NOT "brokenboy"; it's something completely deifferent that you make up), and register your email address. The process is farily simple.

This is a FANTASTIC live band (saw them at Irving Plaza in NYC in April), and this summer tour is selling out FAST! Definitely pick tickets up through the presale and make sure you do so before Friday, 6/9 at 4PM (when the presale ends).

I'm checking out the Roseland show on 9/26 - anyone else going?

Just trying to spread the word about a great new band.
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help us help you help us [24 May 2006|03:11pm]

Summerbirds in the Cellar are in a music video competition called the Scion Xpress Fest.. The Fest began with 100's of bands, was narrowed down to 10 that were funded money to make their video, and is now down to the final 3.

Go to www.scionxpressfest.com to vote for Summerbirds in the Cellar's video!!

When you vote you'll also be entered to win a free car. You have to put in a little info, but honestly the competition is rather small and anyone that votes has a decent chance of winning. You can vote once a day.. tell your friends!!

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mp3 blog [03 Apr 2006|11:42am]

Hey all-

I started a new blog (http://evanryt.blogspot.com) where you I post a new downloadable song every day and write about it. Check it out, there’s some interesting soul and hip-hop mixed in there alongside the usual indie-rock.

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Win an iPod nano from grey two-eleven productions and Hot Topic! [03 Dec 2005|10:25pm]

grey two-eleven productions and Hot Topic have teamed up to give away an awesome assemblage v1.0 prize pack including an iPod nano, a copy of assemblage v1.0, and a load of CDs from bands on the DVD. Go here to check out the complete listing of prizes and enter for your chance to win.
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[19 Aug 2005|03:42pm]


The Michigan Independent captures the essence of that do-it-yourself ethic as lived by members of more than 30 creative projects from across the Great Lakes State. Featuring performances and interview footage from bands such as Small Brown Bike, Chiodos, Thunderbirds Are Now, Kid Brother Collective, Fordirelifesake, Heads Will Roll, Rescue, Spit for Athena, the film takes a look at the tightly-wound interpersonal web that is Michigan's independent music community and takes you directly to the musicians, record labels, writers, promoters, photographers, designers, and activists that make it all happen. "It is an inspirational documentary of independent rock bands in Michigan who epitomize the do-it-yourself ethic" says Sound The Sirens magazine.

For more information, to view a trailer or to purchase a copy visit : www.acutestrecords.com/tmi

Footage of: The Amputation, Bedford Drive, Bloodlined Caligraphy, Capture The Flag. Calling All Heroes, Charlevoix, The Chiodos Bros, Darling of Paris, The Decomposition of Us, Elkion Records, Ettison Clio, Flint City Tshirts, Fordirelifesake, Heads Will Roll, Hope For August, Idle Kids Books & Records, Kid Brother Collective, Lisboa, Once A Hero, Rescue, Sah, The Sea, The Sea, Small Brown Bike, South Bay Bessie, Spit For Athena, Stand Up Jack! Zine, Thunderbirds Are Now, Today I Wait, Towanda Zine Distro, Two Stars Burning Sun, Vertical Verve Records, VG Kids Screenprinting, Woodshed Studio
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[01 Aug 2005|09:59pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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[17 Apr 2005|05:02pm]

PromotionCollapse )

Lou Barlow interview [14 Mar 2005|03:25pm]


 (lou with Jason as Sebadoh)


Check out this new article about Lou's solo record and tons of other stuff...including the much-hyped Dinosaur Jr. reunion.... www.auralminority.com  

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grey two-eleven productions presents "assemblage v1.0" [05 Mar 2005|01:22pm]


grey two-eleven productions presents

a music video dvd compilation


Featuring videos from:

The Beautiful Mistake, The Bled, blueline medic, Choke, Copeland, The Dismemberment Plan, The Exit, Glasseater, The Jealous Sound, .moneen., Name Taken, onelinedrawing, Open Hand, Poison The Well, Rainer Maria, Sunday Driver, Thursday, Ultimate Fakebook, The Waking Hours, and The Weakerthans

With original music by:

concisebloc. and false mover

Visit www.greytwoeleven.com to view the teaser and sign up for the grey two-eleven productions email list.

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[02 Mar 2005|01:53am]

Looking for a like-minded people who truly love music in all its forms?
Check us out.

People with great taste, recommendations, and lots of music-related articles and contributions.

And for those of you with the competitive spirit, monthly contests with prizes.

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Epitaph signs YOUTH GROUP! [01 Mar 2005|09:05pm]
Epitaph just signed one of the most amazing band's I've heard in a long time..YOUTH GROUP! "Youth Group are at the forefront of an exciting new era in Australian alternative music. They have the pop of The Posies, the articulate desire of The Red House Painters and Death Cab for Cutie, the rock of The Pixies, and the angst of Bright Eyes." You can hear some tracks off the upcoming release 'Skeleton Jar' and a really cool video at www.youthgroupmusic.com

What do you guys think? I can't wait to hear more…I guess these guys have been around since '98! They are very refreshing!
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help me please :( [26 Feb 2005|02:45am]

hey guys!

i joined this community really really hoping that someone could help me out with this.

in your userinfo under interests the band the get go is listed. i used to really like that band a couple years ago especially the song "promise, promise" but now i can't find any of their stuff online. i heard that they changed the name of their band or something but no one knows what it is. i've searched google but i can't find anything about the band. it's almost like they never existed =/

if someone knows anything about the band or has any songs by them especially "promise, promise" pleeeeeeeeeeeeease tell me i'll love you forever

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DRD SALE [23 Feb 2005|09:36pm]

Hey everyone! This is Moriah. I've got some good news. :)
I was looking in this old box of DRD merch that is left over, and we have lots of the Headstock/Heart Attack lp if anyone is interested. It has 4 songs on it:
As Soon As Beauty Dies
Lover Left You Bleeding
New England Sunrise
Life Is Beautiful

also I have 8 of the brown ones with DIE RADIO
DIE and horns on the bottom all in youth large.

and 5 of the one design with Japanese
looking building in black with red rays coming out of
it and Die Radio Die written in cursive on light grey

We also have quite a few of the green martini glass buttons with Die Radio Die in pink.

Shirts= $10
Cds= $5 each/or 2 for $8
Pins= $0.50 each/or 3 for $1
Shipping= $3

If you are interested let me know on here and email me your adress at 8daysaweek@gmail.com. When you email me your adress include your lj name so I don't mix you guys up. :)
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who's house? [31 Jan 2005|10:46pm]


The Arcade Fire. 1/17 in San Diego.


For more pictures click here: http://www.auralminority.com/auralminoritymea.html


For an interview with the band, click here: www.auralminority.com


We've also got Blood Brothers, Camera Obscura, Zutons and New Black. hoorah.

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alabama rock-n-roll. [27 Jan 2005|11:43pm]

[ mood | geeky ]

Check out this band, stoptherevolution!

purevolume: http://www.purevolume.com/stoptherevolution
myspace: http://www.myspace.com/stoptherevolution
website: http://www.stoptherevolution.com
livejournal: ipsecurity

I saw 'holly go core' as an interest on this community, and thought I'd post about stoptherevolution because they have ex-members of Holly Go Core! Word!

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music and more etceteras [25 Jan 2005|06:36pm]

[ mood | sneezey ]

udates at Aural Minority

anyone ever seen The Juliet Dagger? they've played BJ's and many places around the buffalo-area. NO? well, familiarize yrself by way of this interesting read.

and check out the size of these pancakes
and the great Big Business article

other bands of interest
- The Zutons
- Camera Obscura
- Blood Brothers
- Free Moral Agents
- Smoke and Smoke

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