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Hey everyone! This is Moriah. I've got some good news. :)
I was looking in this old box of DRD merch that is left over, and we have lots of the Headstock/Heart Attack lp if anyone is interested. It has 4 songs on it:
As Soon As Beauty Dies
Lover Left You Bleeding
New England Sunrise
Life Is Beautiful

also I have 8 of the brown ones with DIE RADIO
DIE and horns on the bottom all in youth large.

and 5 of the one design with Japanese
looking building in black with red rays coming out of
it and Die Radio Die written in cursive on light grey

We also have quite a few of the green martini glass buttons with Die Radio Die in pink.

Shirts= $10
Cds= $5 each/or 2 for $8
Pins= $0.50 each/or 3 for $1
Shipping= $3

If you are interested let me know on here and email me your adress at 8daysaweek@gmail.com. When you email me your adress include your lj name so I don't mix you guys up. :)
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